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Your eyes are the only stars I want to see [entries|friends|calendar]

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UPDATED >> Monday 12/17/07 @ 2:50 pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

if you didn't know, Fordham is my #1 school.
followed closely by Saint Joseph's, but still #1 nonetheless.
life is amazing.
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UPDATED >> Tuesday 08/15/06 @ 9:00 pm
so here's my newly changed schedule:
1st semester
abnormal psych -fitz / web page design- stephens [yeah, random haha]
gt calc- garrott
spanish 5/6- rosenfeld
gy physics- ford

2nd semester
us hist honors- harrison
ap calc- garrott
ap english- o'dell
photo 3/4- dove


tell me if you have any classes with me :]
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UPDATED >> Saturday 07/22/06 @ 6:12 pm
[ mood | crushed ]

hello worst fucking day of my life.
so basically, i hate people.
and i hate boys.
fuck them all.

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i'm yours and suddenly you're mine and it's brighter than sunshine. [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 06/28/06 @ 1:02 pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

life's amazing.
1. i have an amazing boyfriend. :]
2. i started work yesterday, and i actually like it.
3. it's summer.
4. no school.
5. staying up late and sleeping in.
the end. :]

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UPDATED >> Thursday 07/07/05 @ 2:15 pm
i got my schedule today
here it is:
First Semester:
1) Nutrition & Foods
2) World History GT
3) Chem. GT
4) Pre Calc GT

Second Semester:
1) Spanish 4
2) English 10 GT
3) Photo 1/ Photo 2
4) Pre Calc GT

who has classes with me? =]
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friends only ♥ [
UPDATED >> Sunday 05/22/05 @ 5:45 pm

you know what to do ♥

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UPDATED >> Saturday 05/21/05 @ 3:53 pm
 haha i've definately done that before =D
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UPDATED >> Friday 05/20/05 @ 10:19 pm
[ mood | silly ]

tonight was fun. i saw star wars with my family, scott, and mal. =] it was good

and we were taking pictures on the ride home =D so here they are

oh babyCollapse ) hahaCollapse )
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UPDATED >> Friday 05/20/05 @ 3:23 pm
[ mood | happy ]

first of all.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICAH!

so today was really good. =D
gym- VOLLEYBALL! haha it was the best... me, andrea, and megan kept going for the ball at the same time and running into each other =] it was great
english- we got to sit where ever we wanted. and during our quiz, my phone went off because i forgot to put it on vibrate. oops. so we were taking a quiz and it was all quiet, then you hear "you and i collide" yep, mr kimball was glaring at me after that
math- andrea sat next to me and mrs greenwalt didn't notice. so it was like the good old days in math =] meaning we laughed the whole time =D
tech- prettttty dumb, but we started a new project. and during class i went up to micah's guitar class and he came out and we walked around for a little and talked =] it was fun
then came home, and i might see star wars tonight with my family and mal if my mom lets me bring her.
and this weekend, i don't know what i'm doing. plans anyone?

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UPDATED >> Thursday 05/19/05 @ 5:09 pm
new picture on the user info. page
check it out and tell me what you think♥
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UPDATED >> Thursday 05/19/05 @ 4:47 pm
[ mood | happy ]

well, today was a lot better than the past 2 days have been [see entries below]. i'd say it was pretty good =]
gym: andrea's my tennis partner. and we're beast. and won all our games today =D and had fun. "DEUCE!!!!!!!" haha i love her
english: DEBATE! i thought it was a lot of fun. especially the rebuttle part. i love debates =]
math: new seats =[ my seat isn't that bad. i sit next to laura. but i miss andrea and laughing with her all class =[
tech: yeah, boring as usual. but COURTNEEEY wrote me a lovely note ♥
theen came home. NO ENGLISH HOMEWORK FOR ONCE [but then again, i'm not doing my outline by tomorrow] so i have time to relax. and no more stressing out.
so i did all my homework [i'm done before 5! yessss!] and went running with britt. it was nice. i like running when i feel like it =]
and tonight...THE OC!!!!!♥♥♥
season finaleeeee =D
and tomorrow, is friday. and micah's birthday =D and this weekend, should be fun if the plans work out =D
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UPDATED >> Wednesday 05/18/05 @ 9:50 pm
Badonkadonk329: kelly utz lutz......reading ur pro depresses me...cheer up ....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!:-D

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warning: this is not a "feel good" entry. [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 05/18/05 @ 5:57 pm
[ mood | annoyed ]

and today sucked. meaning i'm in another bad mood. like last night. and last night was just, not good at all. it's never good when you cry for no reason.
gym: tennis. it's boring when no one knows what they're doing and mrs. c makes my group sit out every class. >:-o
english: romeo and juliet. this is getting old.
geometry: new seats friday. i hate math, and i'll hate it more with new seats, especially if it's greg's seating chart >:-o
tech: gay presentations and some movie. so i attempted to sleep. i hate that class too.
and then i came home to tons of homework, none of which i'll finish by tomorrow. so i'm screwed. and i was going to go to the varsity girl's lax game, but no, nothing's been going right today. and i have to go to my brother's gay njhs induction ceremony. definately not looking forward to that.

time to vent: i really just can't stand some things/people lately. for one, school. summer needs to come faster. and as for people, i just see too much of some people lately or some are just annoying. or maybe i just get annoyed easily right now. either way, i've been annoyed a lot lately and i hate it. ugh. i need a break from some people. now. maybe i should run away for a few days. sounds good to me.
and yet again, i feel like crying for no reason. i don't even know what's wrong. i hate this. so much.
asdjghsaklfhas. leave love?
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UPDATED >> Tuesday 05/17/05 @ 8:51 pm
[ mood | bored ]

today was uh, pretty boring.
gym: tennis, it was okay. we haven't started games though.
english: romeo and juliet =] i love ittttt
geometry: apparantly, greg made a new seating chart. and you know what? i hate greg. my seat sucks, so these better not be our seats. he's so gay and thinks he's so funny and he's just gay. end of story.
lunch: i don't even like lunch anymore. i used to look forward to it but now it's just boring. i miss last year's lunch.
tech: it's one of those classes where all i think is "this is worthless. why am i even here?" we presented today. yeah, boring.

then i came home and did nothing. then art. it was okay. i don't like my painting. but hey, i never like them in the beginning.

i just want summer to come, and school to be over. i'm sick of doing work and it's not like i'll use most of this in life. whatever.
yeah, today wasn't too good.
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UPDATED >> Monday 05/16/05 @ 3:04 pm
[ mood | bored ]

pictureeeeeeesCollapse )


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UPDATED >> Sunday 05/15/05 @ 6:01 pm
[ mood | happy ]

new icon. =D
this weekend was fun.
friday- me and mal walked over to courtneys, met her halfway. then sam, megan, and britt came over. and we hung out, took pictures, ate, made up handshakes [oh, they were hott. especially the beginning of mine and sams ;) ], jumped on the trampoline, and planned stuff ;] it was a lot of fun. i love you guuuuys <3
saturday- went to watch mal's softball game with sam. britt and megan were playing because they didn't have enough people =-o it was pretty funny... so we all went back to mal's house for a little, ate some lunch, took some more pictures, and then walked to opies. courtney met us on the way and walked. sooo we got there, got our food, saw andrea, kendall, and lia and walked back. we all went to our own houses becauuuse we had to get ready to go shopping =] while i was home, it started to thunder and lightning =D and if you know me AT ALL, you know i LOVE thunderstorms so i was in heaven. then me, mal, megan, sam, britt and courtney went to longgate and shopped. and it was pouring, so we ran from store to store in the rain. i loved it =] and i bought 2 new bras [oh baby.], some hair ties, a magazine, and the new fall out boy CD =D! it was very fun <3 so then we came home. and i listened to music and slept
todayyy- got confirmed with nicole and courtney! it wasn't bad, it was actually pretty fun. we had breakfast with the session then walked around until church started, so me and nicoel were singing old vacation bible school songs from 2nd grade. it was awesome. then dayton came, and we went to church, played hangman during the sermon, and then went up to be confirmed. and it was funny, because when we were kneeling, nicole hit her elbow on this table behind us and then mrs. dorothy kept getting our crosses stuck on our heads and it got stuck on courtney's nose and it looked really funny so me and nicole couldn't stop laughing =D and we are now official adult members of CPC. yessss. so then i came home, and was lazy for the rest of the day basically. and now i'm doing homework.
annnnd when mal/sam/britt put pictures of this weekend on their webshots, i'll put them on here =D
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UPDATED >> Thursday 05/12/05 @ 7:43 pm
[ mood | excited ]

it's been 2 days since i've last updated.
so i guess i should tell you about yesterday.
it was okay i guess.
gym- volleyball. i was a beast lol. it was fun.
english- romeo and juliet =]
geometry- test, meaning c lunch. it was okay.
tech- barges
then i came home on the bus. it was weird. i miss softball =[
so me, mal, and britt ran to opie's, got snowballs, called andrea and told her to come down, and hung out with her for a while, walked home
then i had to babysit until 930. but i made $20 so it's all good.

and today was okay too.
i had to get ready in 5 minutes this morning because i overslept and woke up at 6:55, which is when i'm supposed to leave for the bus stop, so i left at 7.
gym- badminton, i'm sick of it already =/
english- more romeo and juliet =]
geometry- started some unit on trig? and doug thinks he could beat me and andrea in field hockey and volleyball. pshhhh whatever. =]
tech- last day of our barges. KEL SQUARED! <3 and me and courtney couldn't stop laughing at the end, i don't even know why <3 i love herrrr and ricky and alex were making fun of us. losers.
then came home on the bus, and went to the art show with mal. emmarie and andrea were there so we hung out with them then came back home. and the oc is on in 5 minutes! <3 =D
and tomorrow's friday. and we might do something? i don't know.
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UPDATED >> Tuesday 05/10/05 @ 8:38 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com 

this is how we do [<3!!!!!!!!!!]

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UPDATED >> Tuesday 05/10/05 @ 7:42 pm
[ mood | thirsty ]

today sucked. school sucked. softball even sucked. because it was our last game and we lost by 1. 12-11. against perry hall, who we should have beat. but i hit a triple so that was good. but we all just messed up in the beginning of the game. it was a good comeback though.

i feel better now. because courtney ran over. and we jumped on the trampoline and talked. =]i don't see her enough anymore. =[
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UPDATED >> Monday 05/09/05 @ 9:24 pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

today was undoubtedly one of the best days ever.
school was normal
thne softball game vs. eastern tech. we won 23-12 =D and i hit a homerun!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D i was so happy! and i played well in the field. and stacie said i'm her hero ♥ and our team just played awesome. perry hall here we come. and we get to leave school at 1:15 to go there =] and the ride home was awesome. because i love our team. ♥
and now i'm watching 24, one of my favorite shows of all time.
nothing can ruin this good mood. the end. ♥
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